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The prison system in Washington comprises of 12 adult prisons run by the state and one federal prison run by the federal government. 10 of the 12 prisons are only for men and the other two are strictly female prisons. The state generally has about 16,000-20,000 inmates at a time and the capacities average around 500-2000 people. Washington is a large state but has a smaller prison population than some others. Like most other prison systems, Washington does its best to offer rehabilitative programs. Including classes, work programs and drug rehab programs. At Trusted Prison Consultants we have experience in the field with all types of federal law.

Seattle Prison Consultants

The population of Seattle is close to a million people and it is an area that is on the rise. In 2015 it was named the 18th largest city in the US and it has a growth rate, which keeps making it larger and larger. Surrounded by water and near the border of Canada, Seattle is a hub for a lot of international business and international trade. There is one federal prison in Seattle and it is called the “Federal Detention Center Seatac”. It was opened in 1997 and has a population of around 800 inmates. The capacity for the prison is 1000 inmates. Unlike some other states, this prison actually usually sits below the capacity, which means better living conditions for inmates. Although this facility mostly handles inmates that were sentenced in the Washington area, it is possible that it could house inmates that have been transferred from another state.

Walla Walla Prison Consultants

Walla Walla Washington is a small county in Washington State with a population of around 60,000. Walla Walla is the home of Washington State Penitentiary and some interesting facts about it are:
• It is the oldest prison in the entire state of Washington and was built in 1886.
• It has areas for medium security inmates to super max security inmates.
• It has a capacity of around 2000 inmates.
• It has had highly publicized inmates in its prison.

The prison in Walla Walla is certainly one of the oldest and is sometimes known as “the walls” or “the hills” by locals in the area.

Coyote Ridge Corrections Center Prison Consulting

Coyote Ridge is a prison located in Connell Washington, which is a small city and the population is about 4000 people. The prison’s population of around 2500 makes up more than half of the population of Connell. The main facility here is medium security but attached to it there is also a “camp” area where minimum-security inmates are housed. These inmates sleep in almost what is like college dorms and have a lot of freedom throughout the day. They are able to work on the premises at a textile factory and have more freedom than inmates with a much higher sentence.

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