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Virginia, also known as the old dominion was the first land ever possessed as part of British America. There have been eight US presidents born in Virginia, more than any other state in the US. Virginia is one of the smaller states with a large population. Ranked around 35th in land area Virginia comes up much higher on the list at 12 in population. The current population estimates are just above 8 million people. Virginia has over 30 prisons with a fair amount having less than 200 inmates. Prison consultants in Virginia often work to help with transfers to other locations or placement in programs to help the inmate rehabilitate themselves.

Deerfield Correctional Center Prison Consultants

Deerfield Correctional Center is a prison located in Capron Virginia. It has a capacity of just over 1000 and was opened in 1994. Deerfield is managed by the Virginia Department of Corrections. Deerfield is a prison that houses mostly older geriatric inmates who often have medical issues. Their population ranges from the elderly to special needs inmates who need medical care and can therefore have it on-site. Deerfield is near the Southhampton Correctional Center, which has more programs for inmates including a farm and livestock on the property.

Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women

Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women is a prison in Troy, Virginia. It is about 50 miles northwest of Richmond Virginia. Here there are around 1200 inmates at one time and this facility houses all of the female inmates who are currently on Death Row in the state of Virginia. This prison opened in 1998 and the cost to build the prison was around 53 million dollars. A couple years after this prison opened they were investigated because of claims that male staff had committed sexual misconduct on female inmates. There were never any public results revealed from the investigation.

Greensville Correctional Center Prison Consultants

Greensville Correctional Center is a prison located in Greensville County Virginia. Some interesting facts about this prison include:

  • They have multiple security classes in the prison
  • It opened in 1990
  • It has a large population of over 3000 inmates
  • It cost around 106 million to build

The facility at Greensvile contains a mental health unit dedicated to inmates. It also is where the state’s death chamber is located. The death chamber was completed in 1991. There have been close to 100 executions at this location. This prison has held some notable inmates including one that was responsible for shootings on CIA officers.

Red Onion State Prison Virginia

Red Onion State prison is what is considered a supermax prison located in Wise County Virginia. Supermax stands for Super Maximum, which means it would hold the highest security inmates throughout the state. Some facts about Red Onion State Prison include:

  • It opened in 1998
  • It has a capacity of around 850
  • It only houses supermax classification inmates
  • It cost around 70 million to build

Red Onion is said to house some of the worst of the worst. It often houses prisoners who have broke out of other prisons and now this is the place where the state believes that they cannot escape. At any given time over half of the prison population is in solitary confinement. This means they are alone in their cell for 23 hours a day. Red Onion has a small amount of programs including a GED program and a literacy program. There has been a lot of criticism of Red Onion Prison because of their use of solitary confinement and lawsuits regarding the rights of prisoners. There have been reviews by the state authorities and the Department of Justice to make sure that their solitary confinement procedures are not taking things too far.

United States Penitentiary Lee County Prison Consultants

United States Penitentiary Lee County is the only federal prison in Virginia. Federal prison consultants often work transferring clients in or out of this prison. This is a high security institution and the Federal Bureau of Prisons manages it. The capacity of this prison is around 1400 inmates with a small amount of them being held in a prison camp. The prison was built in 2002 and houses only male offenders. This prison has held an alleged member of the Medellin cartel who was convicted of blowing up an airplane. It has also held an inmate who was named a hitman for the Los Zetas cartel, which is a cartel based out of Mexico.

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