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The state of Utah has a population of approximately 3 million people. More than three-quarters of this population resides near the state capital, Salt Lake City, in a region called Wasatch Front. Utah is known to be a very religious state, with more than half its population being associated with religious affiliations. It is approximated that around 40% of the population is Mormon. In fact, the headquarters for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) is located in Salt Lake City. In addition, Utah happens to be the only US state with the majority of its population associated to only one church.

If you or a loved one is sent to prison in Utah, you will be sent to one of two prisons, the Central Utah Correctional Facility or the Utah State Prison.

Central Utah Correctional Facility 

Gunnison is a small city in central Utah with a population of approximately 3,300. They are home to one of the two prisons in the whole state of Utah. The prison is called Central Utah Correctional Facility. Some facts about this prison include:

  • It opened its doors in 1990.
  • They are able to house 1,125 inmates at maximum capacity.
  • The prison is split between two housing units, which are further broken down into smaller sections based on inmate classifications.
  • The first building houses the higher risk inmates, while the second building houses the regular population or short-term inmates.

Due to the fact that Utah only has two prisons, this facility is currently in process of adding on to the facility to allow for more room. They are hoping to extend the property to add up to an additional 200 beds to the facility.

Utah State Prison

Draper is home to the Utah State Prison, which is one of the two prisons in the entire state of Utah. The statistics surrounding Utah State Prison show:

  • It was originally built to replace a prison called Sugar House Prison, which closed its doors in 1951
  • This facility has the capacity to house 4,000 inmates
  • They house male and female inmates.
  • The inmates vary from minimum-security to super-maximum security

Over the past few years the state legislature tried to move the facility in hopes to improve treatment options, however the costs were just too high. The two programs in Utah have different programs and part of our job as prison consultants is trying to get you into the program that you request. We want to make sure that if someone gets sent to prison that their time is best served and reduced in any way possible.

Salt Lake City Prison Consultants

Typically, Salt Lake City is the first city to come to mind when someone mentions the state of Utah. It is often because Salt Lake City is the largest city within the state of Utah or perhaps it’s because it’s the state capital. The city has a population coming in just shy of 200,000 people. Salt Lake City received its name because of the closeness to the Great Salt Lake. If you or someone you know is taken to prison from Salt Lake City, you will most likely be sent to the Utah State Prison in Draper, Utah.

West Valley City and Provo Prison Consultants

West Valley City is the second largest city in the state of Utah. With continuous growth, they currently have a population of around 130,000. They are conveniently located just under 10 miles from Salt Lake City. In West Valley City there are no prisons but there is a downtown metro jail. This is where people will likely go after an arrest or while they are awaiting trial on a case. It can house low security to high security inmates.

Provo is the third largest city in Utah with a population of approximately 112,000. They are home to the infamous private campus of Brigham Young University. With a high population of University Students in Provo this sometimes attracts crime. Brigham Young University is known to be a well-behaved University with a strong Mormon religious population. However, studies have shown that where there is a younger population, crime does comes to that area.

Prison Consultants in Ogden Utah

Ogden is another city in Utah with a short proximity to Salt Lake City. They have quite a small population of around 84,000 people. However, employment in Ogden continues to expand and they were actually ranked number 10 for creating the most jobs in the nation. Because of the useful location of Ogden, the city has a history for being a major producer and seller for products via the railroad. Due to the fact that Utah does not have many prison facilities, if you were sent to prison it’s likely you’d end up at the Utah State Prison in Draper.

Park City Prison Consulting

Park City has a population of roughly 7,500 people. Up until around the 1980’s, Park City was a successful mining town. When the mining industry shut down they saw a huge decline in the population. Now, the city is known for its appeal to the ski slopes in the winter months. In fact, Park City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. Sadly, the number of tourists often out number the amount of permanent residents in Park City.

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