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Texas became the 28th state to join the United States back in 1845. The population of Texas is around 2.3 million. The state of Texas consists of 50 state prisons. A lot of the prisons are referred to as “units”. These units are spread between 6 different regions throughout the state of Texas. Of these prisons, five of them are women’s only facilities. All 50 prisons are run by either the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or contracted out through private entities. Texas has approximately 200,000 inmates incarcerated each year spread between jails and prisons. In fact, Texas has the highest number of inmates than any other U.S. state per year. Trusted Prison Consultants works with multiple different people who are well connected throughout the Texas Prison system.

Houston Prison Consultants

Houston is the largest city in Texas with a population of approximately 2.1 million people.
Houston is home to a handful of prisons spread throughout the city. The South Texas Intermediate Sanction Facility is considered a medium security prison. The following are facts about the prison:
• The prison currently houses 400 inmates and can hold 450 at maximum capacity.
• This facility offers a variety of treatment and work programs to promote an easier transition into the community. In fact, due to these programs the facility has noticed a decline in recidivism.
• It is said that this facility may be permanently shut down by the end of the month due to a budget cut. If this occurs, they have discussed transferring the current inmates to the Kegan State Jail also in Houston.

Houston is also home to the Texas Prison Ministry. Here, they take a restorative approach to housing inmates in their facility. They believe that inmates should be held responsible for their actions. They encourage all of their inmates to take steps on rebuilding trust and making amends within their community.

TDCJ Darrington Unit and Beauford H. Jester III Unit

TDCJ Darrington Unit is an all men’s prison in the city of Houston. This prison is quite large, holding 1,610 inmates at maximum capacity. They house a wide variety of inmates from segregation to low security in general population. Here, they offer a handful of programs including a cow/calf operation, a packaging operation, cold storage facility and much more.
Beauford H. Jester III Unit is considered a “prison farm”. This means the prison has inmates doing manual labor on a farm. Here they house inmates classified as G1-G3, with G1 inmates having the least amount of restrictions and supervision.

Eastham Unit

Eastham Unit is nicknamed “the ham” and is another all men’s prison. This prison can hold up to 2,153 inmates at maximum capacity. They house inmates varying from G1-G4 security.

Houston has other prisons throughout the city including Stringfellow Unit, Carol S. Vance Unit, Central Unit, Jester I Unit, Wayne Scott Unit and Harris County Corrections.

San Antonio Prison Consultants

San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas with a population of around 1.3 million people.
This city is home to one adult prison and one juvenile prison. Two of the prisons in San Antonio are Bexar County Adult Detention Center and Bexar County Krier Correctional Facility.

Bexar County Adult Detention Center is a 2,830 maximum capacity prison. They provide inmates with programs to enhance life skills and recovery. A few of the programs include education classes, AA and NA Meetings, Anger Awareness, Chemical Addiction, Character Development and many more. In addition, they even provide programs for parents called M.A.T.C.H or P.A.T.C.H (mother/father’s and their children) to keep the bond between family members strong.

Bexar County Krier Correctional is a small juvenile prison in the San Antonio area. At maximum capacity this prison can hold up to 278 inmates. Here they provide individual treatment plans and classes to educate these young individuals in hopes to reduce recidivism rates in the future. The inmates have access to a number of working professionals including psychologists, teachers, counselors and probation officers just to name a few.

Dallas Prison Consultants

Dallas is another major city within the state of Texas. It comes in with a population somewhere around 1.2 million individuals. While some may know Dallas for its sport teams, including the Cowboys, Mavericks or Stars, it is also home to a massive state prison as well.

Lew Sterrett Justice Center is home to three detention centers (jails) including the North Tower Detention Facility, the West Tower Detention Facility and the Suzanne Lee Kays Detention Facility. The North tower can hold 3,292 maximum-security inmates at full capacity. The West tower is designated to mental housing. They can house inmates with a variety of issues ranging from medical restriction, HIV positive tests, protective custody and more. They can hold up to 1,530 male inmates at maximum capacity. The “Suzanne Lee Kays tower” has a 2,304 maximum capacity that provides direct supervision to the inmates.

Austin Texas Prison Consultants

Austin is the capital of Texas and is known for being The Live Music Capital of the World. They got this name, because each year they hold approximately 200 live music events with varies genres. Austin has a population of roughly 800,000 people. Austin Texas is known for its great restaurants, downtown businesses and its green parks around the city. It is a place in Texas where everyone raves about. With a high-powered nightlife and a ton of culture in Austin, often people find themselves in trouble. It can be anything from a fight on the street to white-collar crimes that are committed at a business. Either way, if you are charged with a crime in Austin, we are here to help.

Fort Worth Texas Prison Consultants

Fort Worth has a population of around 741,000 people and is considered the 16th largest city in the United States. It is home to one federal prison. FCI Fort Worth is considered a low security federal prison. This prison can house 1,645 male inmates at maximum capacity. Their goal is to provide more humane and progressive care to the incarcerated inmates. Just 50 miles east is another low security federal prison named Federal Correctional Institution, Seagoville. Here they can hold a maximum capacity of 1,800 inmates. This began as an all women’s facility in 1940 but after WWII they converted to an all male facility.

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