Residential Drug Abuse Program Prison Consultants (RDAP)

Residential Drug Abuse Programs also known as RDAP are federal programs that help someone get a sentenced reduced. This program is a very intensive program that goes over 500 hours and can be as long as a nine-month period. If the program is successfully completed then this can get the offender up to 12 months off their sentence. Getting one year off in Federal Prison is a pretty big deal, therefore there are a lot of competition for these spots. The inmates who are in RDAP are housed in a special area. The participate in half a day of rehab programs and then the other half a day is done in a work, school, or vocational setting. The program is very sought out by inmates because it is considered the absolute best way to do their time.

RDAP is authorized by the United States Code 18 U.S.C. 3621, which allows the Prisons to be able to treat inmates for drug abuse issues. To get into the RDAP Program one needs to have a documented history of substance abuse and get a long enough sentence that they can participate in the program. Recent estimates have shown that at times there are thousands of people on the waitlist to get into the program. At Trusted Prison Consultants we do whatever we can with our experience and connections to better your chances into getting into the RDAP program.

Non-Residential Drug Abuse Program Prison Consultants (NRDAP)

Much like RDAP, NRDAP is another program that can be done in order to help and individual with their sentence. This program is a 12-week program working with individuals who may not qualify for RDAP or are waiting to get into that program. This is a program that “looks good” on paper. It shows that the prisoner is doing what they can to be the most productive member of society and it increases their chances of getting out the earliest into what is considered a halfway house. Although this program is generally easier to get into, you will still need an expert that knows about it and that can guide you in the right direction.

Community Drug Abuse Treatment Programs and Services in Federal Prison

Community Treatment services is a branch that can occur after RDAP. Community treatment services, known by Federal Prisons as CTS is a program through their psychology department that offers care to people who are in halfway houses and are still the responsibility of the federal prison systems. CTS has programs all throughout the US including all 50 states and the US territories. They not only deal with RDAP participants but can also deal with individuals with any other type of offenses as well. The last thing CTS does is it works with probation to be able to provide counseling for the people who need it and to be able to evaluate people who are having troubles while on probation.

Medical Treatment in Federal Prison

Medical Care in Prison is not always the easiest thing to receive. Sometimes you may be in prison but you feel like no one is listening to you. Your voice on the “inside” is not always the same as a voice from the “outside”. That is where we come in. Part of our job as prison consultants is to be able to call the prison, speak to whoever is in charge, let them know who we are and our background in the business and then make sure they treat our clients with the same respect they treat us with. Just because you are in prison does not mean that you should be treated inhumane or like an animal. Medical care is one of the most essential parts of life and if you are being deprived of it, we are here to help.