Prison Preparation

Preparing for Prison in both the State and Federal system

No one ever wants to be in a situation where they have to prepare for prison. However, it is something that needs to be done for people who have been convicted and have already gotten their sentence. The best way to look at prison preparation is to think about it in two ways. You need to physically prepare for prison and to mentally prepare for prison. Prisons can be very violent and it is important to know how to defend yourself. We are not saying that you need to become an MMA fighter or a bodybuilder, but it is good to know the basics of self-defense and to be ready if needed or if a violent situation arises.

Mentally preparing yourself is also important. We will explain ways that this can be done below but in a general sense, you really need to think about the other people that are in there. A lot of these inmates have spent their entire lives using psychological warfare on their victims. They are able to convince people to do things for them when needed and they are able to talk their way out of situations. There are often master manipulators in prison that do not have the best intentions in mind. It is important to know that before going in.

How to prepare for Prison

The actual ways to prepare for prison again are broken into two thought processes. The first being the physical preparation and the second being mental. In regards to the physical preparation, you may want to:

  • Enroll in a self-defense class
  • Talk to others who you know have combat training
  • Get some general knowledge about exercise and working out
  • Get into shape before entering into prison

At Trusted Prison Consultants we offer people a real live Skype conversation with someone who has spent 25 years in prison and been inside every single prison in the state of California. We also have a prison gang expert as well that can consult with you to better educate you on gangs and how the gang politics work.

Mentally preparing for prison can be a whole other dynamic but there are ways it can be done. The best way to deal with this is to do your best on dealing with stress an anxiety. We help our clients deal with this by offering some counseling sessions with a world-renowned psychologist. The psychological advantage one can have in prison is often underestimated by many of our clients. After their training they always have a much more successful term and are more confident about their stay. Whether its simple breathing techniques or just teaching someone how to “look calm” can make a big difference in the way others perceive them and the way they are treated.

How to Prepare to Federal Prison

Federal Prison is much different than state prison. Federal prisons are generally a lot nicer with a lot less rules. There are some Federal Prisons in the US where there isn’t even a fence holding the inmates in. Obviously it depends on what prison you are sent to, but know the federal system is a lot different than the state system. The federal system is run by the Federal Government meaning that they often offer a lot more programs than state prisons. As an inmate you want to enroll in as many of these programs as you can because they will not only get you time off your sentence but it will also make your experience more enjoyable. Our Federal Prison consultants can help getting you into these programs.

What is Federal Prison like?

We often get asked, “what is federal prison like?” The answer is always, it depends on what prison you are located in. Federal Prisons can be great compared to state prisons or state jails but it always depends on where you are housed. For example there are some state prisons in Texas that do not allow any contact during visitation, there are also Federal Prisons in Texas that do allow full on contact during visits. It is an interesting dynamic but it always comes down to where you are housed. At Trusted Prison consultants we have worked with inmates in the past to help them get transferred to a prison that is much more suitable for their needs and their stay.

If you have any questions about prison preparation feel free to give us a call.