Worst Prisons in the World

Petak Island Prison

Petak Island Prison is located in Russia and is known for its odd policies and torture of inmates. Reports say that this prison only allows inmates 2 visits from people per year and that it puts prisoners in solitary confinement for up to 22 hours a day. The reports of torture cannot always be confirmed but rumors have been said that if someone misbehaves they are put into a room for 15 days with a metal bucket on their head and a small piece of wood to sit on. Petak Island Prison is said to destroy inmates minds while offering no rehabilitation to them.

Bang Kwang Prison

Bang Kwang Prison is located in Bangkok Thailand and has a reputation of being one of the worst in the world. It was built in the 1930s and has been over capacity shortly after the year it was built. Here, inmates who are on death row are given leg shackles that are welded around their legs. There is no way of taking these off until the inmate dies and then they are generally cut off the legs with a large metal cutter.

The capacity of Bang Kwang is around 3000 inmates and it always has over 8000 staying inside the prison. One of the biggest problems in Bang Kwang is the lack of food given to each inmate. They are given one bowl of rice per day and there have been reports that these meals can often be infested by maggots. In Bang Kwang the sentences are often way off compared to US standards. There have been reports that people have been given 50 year sentences for drug smuggling but 10 year sentences for murder.

Diyarbakir Prison

Diyarbakir Prison is located in Turkey and houses some of the most notorious killers ever to set foot in the area. In the 1980s this prison was well known for its torture practices where inmates were tortured daily until about 30 prisoners lost their lives. The prison has been sued by the European Human rights court and has lost lawsuits regarding deaths in the prison. In 1996 there was even an incident where the warden and other officers came in and just killed over 10 inmates with no real explanation. Lastly, Diyarbakir is known to incarcerate children from ages 13-17. All of these factors make it one of the absolute worst prisons in the world.

The Worst Prison in the World

ADX Florence

For the record, we are defining the worst prison in the world as the one that houses the worst inmates in the entire world.

ADX Florence is  a prison located in the state of Colorado. When looking at the sheer amount of terrorists that are housed or have been housed in one single prison, ADX Florence would be at the top of the list. Other prisons have large gang populations and dangerous inmates but ADX Florence has housed some of the worst terrorists in the world. To name a few, ADX Florence houses someone who played a role in the September 11th attacks, now serving 6 life sentences, the individuals who were responsible for the 1993 world trade center bombings and several other high ranking Al-Qaeda members (including advisors and family members of Osama Bin Laden).

In regards to domestic terrorism, this prison houses the Boston marathon bomber, the Unabomber, the Oklahoma City bomber, and several other high profile bombing inmates. In addition this prison also holds double agents from the US Department of Defense, the FBI, the US State Department, the CIA and more.

If you want to talk about gang members, then this prison houses the worst of the worst in that respect also. It holds high-ranking leaders and founders of the following gangs:

  • Gulf Cartel
  • Chicago Outfit
  • Latin Kings
  • Mexican Mafia
  • Aryan Brotherhood
  • Gangster Disciples
  • United Blood Nation

ADX Florence has not had many incidents of killings or violent crimes. That is not the reason why it is so well known. The reason is that it houses the absolute most dangerous people in the entire world. Not just some of them, but almost all of them.

Most Dangerous Prisons in the World

La Sabaneta Prison

La Sabeneta Prison is located in Venezuela and it packs around 3700 inmates in an area with a capacity for 700. They are usually over 5 times the capacity. Think about that for a second. In a cell that is usually supposed to have one inmate, they sometimes have 3-5 inmates just because there is no room even for them to walk around otherwise. For the 3700 inmates there are around 24 total guards. This makes the ratio at around 150 inmates per every 1 guard. Riots and violence occur almost daily at this prison. In 1994 there were 108 inmates killed in a riot and around 2013 there were another 20 killed in a riot. Gangs run this prison making it even scarier for new inmates because they often have no protection from the gang leaders.

Inside the world’s toughest prisons

Very little media has been able to make it inside the worst prisons in the world. There have been journalists who have been able to see parts of them but it is very tough to get access. The reason for this is because the inmates themselves often run these prisons. There is really no reason why the inmates would want others to see what they are doing or the crimes they are committing. For this reason access to these prisons is near impossible.

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