Prison Consultant Salary

We have seen a lot of searches around the Internet about the salary of a prison consultant we so thought we would clear up this area and better explain how it works. There are two types of prison consultants, one’s that are former convicts and ones that are attorneys or former government officials. At Trusted Prison Consultants we don’t hire former convicts to work the cases. They cannot be trusted especially if they have gone to prison for a crime like fraud. If our clients want, we have a network of people who we can reach out to, to help with the case.

Former Convict Prison Consultants

Former convicts who are prison consultants make just as much as someone is willing to pay them. These people cannot do any legal work on the case and do not have any type of licenses so the actual amount of things they can do is limited. They often promise people that they will answer questions or help with inmate transfers but the inmates themselves can do almost all of that. When looking at the averages across the US a former convict who is a prison consultant generally makes $15,000-$20,000 a year depending on their business structure and the amount of leads they are generating from their business.

Attorney or Former Government Officials as Prison Consultants

These types of prison consultants can make a lot more money and that is mostly because of the amount of work they are doing on the case. Someone who is an attorney can deal with disciplinary hearings, appeal the case, filing legal paperwork or even sue the prison if the inmate is not being treated well. An appeal on a case can be anywhere from $20,000-$100,000 for a single case. The average salary for these types of prison consultants is very hard to measure because there is so much work that can be done and the income generated is dependent on the amount of cases that comes in.

What type of prison consultant should I hire?

If you are looking to hire a prison consultant make sure you talk with an actual lawyer throughout the process. Whether it is just a simple conversation throughout the process or a face to face meeting, that is what will bring legitimacy to your situation. If someone is a former convict and has a felony conviction on their record, you should be very careful how you deal with them. What you need to consider is that these people do not have a license and there is no board or licensing agencies watching what they do. They have already been to prison and now a lot of the time they are just out to scam over people out of money. At Trusted Prison Consultants we recently heard about a business that was taking people’s money and doing no work. When we looked up who the owner was, we found out that he himself had gone to prison for fraud. It made us realize that even when looking at other people I the business one needs to be very careful.

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