Mississippi Man Seeks Compensation Award After Prison Sentence

A Mississippi man may be eligible for more than $100,000 from the state in compensation for his wrongful conviction and imprisonment stemming from an unfair felony drug conviction. Jamar Moore was released from prison after serving two and a half years on a 16-year sentence for a felony conviction for possessing hydrocodone painkillers without a prescription from a doctor.

A Misdemeanor Offense But a Wrongful Felony Conviction Became a Prison Sentence

Moore’s prison release came after his attorney located a crime lab report stating that the hydrocodone pills had a composition makeup that only constituted a misdemeanor concentration of the drug, rather than the amount necessary to be deemed a felony offense.

Sent to Prison with Inadequate Proof

Unfortunately, this situation is all too common. Most drug charges and convictions require a certain amount of controlled substance for the crime to be a felony-level offense. Yet, many people are convicted without sufficient proof of the exact amount of controlled substance present. If you or a loved one are dealing with a similar situation, one of our experienced attorneys can potentially challenge whether the evidence against you is sufficient – even if you have already been convicted.

Lower Court Judge to Reconsider Compensation for Wrongful Conviction

The circuit judge vacated Moore’s conviction and ordered his release from prison. Moore’s legal team sought compensation for the wrongful conviction, but a second judge refused to grant an award. The appeals court ordered Moore’s compensation request to be reviewed and reconsidered, and the state supreme court upheld that ruling.

The lower court judge must reconsider whether Moore is owed compensation by the state for his wrongful imprisonment. Mississippi allows compensation for wrongful conviction up to $50,000 per year of imprisonment, up to $500,000.

Evidence of Wrongful Conviction Present All Along

One important fact Moore’s case highlights is that the information necessary to gain a convicted prisoner’s release is often present in the case record and investigatory materials. Moore’s legal team successfully located the evidence showing that Moore should have been convicted of a misdemeanor charge rather than a felony in the crime lab report, which prosecutors had access to all along.

Trusted Prison Consultants attorneys have ample experience culling through complex records and locating important evidence that others may have overlooked. If you are dealing with the fallout after a wrongful conviction, you will need an experienced criminal appeals attorney fighting for you.

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If you or someone you love have been wrongfully convicted of a higher level offense, one of our experienced criminal appeals attorneys with the Trusted Prison Consultants firm can help you seek to have your conviction overturned or sentence reduced.

Regardless of the situation that led to your wrongful conviction, one of our experienced United States Prison Consultants can examine the strength and veracity of the evidence against you and determine whether pursuing an appeal of your wrongful and unfair criminal conviction would be beneficial. Once you have been released due to wrongful conviction, we can also seek compensation for your wrongful imprisonment.