Man Dies In Paddleboarding Accident

A San Diego man has died in a paddle boarding accident. The San Diego resident was in Huntington Beach California, a city north of San Diego when he was paddle boarding and things went seriously wrong. He fell off the paddle board in Huntington Harbor and did not know how to swim. Even worse, this individual did not have a life jacket on at the time this occurred.

It is crazy to think that someone would ever go out on a paddle board if they were not able to swim. That is practically asking for a death sentence. Paddle boarding is a very hard and strenuous activity where even professionals fall off at times. It was not the best decision but it is a terrible result that this ended in death.

Will anyone go to Prison for this Accident?

It seems that in this incident there was no foul play involved. Although authorities are still looking into it. The decision by the man to not wear a life jacket is being questioned as it seems like quite an irrational decision but there are no indications that anyone convinced him into doing this. There are also no other indications that there was any reckless behavior involved. Someone can be charged if they should or could have saved the individual but chose not too. In that situation they would have saw him fall off and potentially drowning but chose not to help. Although the exact details of the accident are still to be determined at this time the authorities did not believe that there was a direct link where the boarder who fell could have been saved.

Is there Civil Liability in a case like this?

For these questions we reached out to an accident lawyer in San Diego for more information. Their law firm is called Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego and they explained to us that there may not be civil for what happened here. It seems like the law says that life jackets are not required in small enclosed areas like the ones that were paddle boarded in. That would mean that the US coast guard and the city would likely not be on the hook. To prove any type of lawsuit, the family of the person who passed away would have to show that the city was negligent. Or that they know of some sort of problem in the area and they disregarded it when they should not have. From what we learned that seems like this would be the only way to establish liability in a case like this.