Justice Department Ends Contracts with Private Prison Companies

In a landmark decision, the justice department has decided to end their contract with private prison companies. For years the federal government has delegated their responsibilities to private prison companies which have been said to be making millions and millions of dollars a year profits off of their services. The justice department just sat back and watched as their companies were putting their profits over inmate care. Just thinking about it for a second. A company that has profits in mind is constantly going to trying to be cutting costs. It is not going to be finding ways to increase care.

The cost of one inmate to sit in prison for a year is estimated at around $50,000 to $75,000 that is a lot of tax payer money. These costs need to get down to a reasonable rate where the government is able to give great care for a much lower bottom line.

Are Private Prison’s Actually Worse?

Based on all the data that we have looked it, the conclusion is that private prisons were actually worse than the public run institutions. The private prisons were known to have more assaults and battery’s on officers and more riots than any of the prisons still run by the government. One of these reasons is the lack of training of officers. Private run prisons are notorious for sending very you employees into the prison. Sometimes 18 year olds with no other previous job experience before this. Again, they do this because they know that they can 1) pay them less wages and 2) they may not stand up to them as much as someone who with a lot more work experience generally would. Often the private prisons limit training for these officers in order to initiate cost cutting procedures and in order to save their stockholders money in the long run.

Are Prison Conditions Really That Bad?

We get asked a lot about prison conditions. How bad are they? What is going to happen when I am there? The truth is, the conditions can be bad, but not if you are prepared. You need to know what to do and how to work the system to your advantage. The other factor is that certain prisons can be worse than others so it certainly matters where you are going to do your time. At Trusted Prison Consultants, we not only prepare you for a term in prison, we look at every single aspect of your case before. If we get the call pre-sentence then we look into what type of sentence you are looking at and we do anything we can to get that sentence reduced. If this is post sentence then we look into any appellate options you have and take whatever actions necessary to better your situation. We are also able to do anything we can in order to get you into a lower security prison or get you transferred to another prison if you are dealing with serious issues where you are housed. Going to prison is something that can change someone’s life forever. The best thing they can do is be prepared.

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