Former Auto-racing Released Early from Prison

Randy Lanier, the former auto-racing star and one-time Indianapolis 500 “Rookie of the Year” winner convicted of international drug trafficking in 1987, was granted early release from prison in 2014, after serving nearly thirty years on his life sentence.

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An Unexpected Early Release From Prison

According to Autoweek, Lanier financed his racing career with the proceeds of his illegal drug trafficking. Many legal analysts expected him to serve out his sentence and were surprised when his request for early release was granted, especially since the reason for judge allowed Lanier to leave prison despite his life sentence was never made public and his earlier appeals attempts had failed. Some credit his release to his change in legal teams prior to the request being made.

Reasons for Early Release From Prison not Made Public

Although the court records remain sealed, some think it unlikely that Lanier was granted compassionate release due to medical problems, since his bad hip and other minor health problems have not seemed to slow him down following his release. In fact, Lanier returned to racing, and boasts in Road and Track that he is a current, rather than former, race car driver.

At the time of release, many legal experts expressed shock and surprise that Lanier was released at all, and that the reason for his release was not made public in an effort for the court to engage in transparency.

“I am a little surprised that the judge didn’t insist on it — you give some sort of logical reason; it’s odd,” Frank Tuerkheimer, a University of Wisconsin Law professor and a former federal prosecutor told Autoweek in response to the news of his early release. “There are two little mysteries: A.) why are they doing it?; and B.) why did the judge go along with it? He did not have to sign the order.”

Conditions of Early Release From Prison for Famous Racecar Driver

Lanier’s early release is not without strings attached. In granting Lanier’s legal team’s request for early release, the court set forth numerous conditions with which he must comply. Failure to follow the requirements of release could result in his being sent back to prison. Some of the conditions by which Lanier must abide include:

· Random drug testing;
· Three-year stay at residential halfway house;
· Refrain from drinking alcohol;
· No patronizing places that sell alcohol;
· Drug and alcohol abuse therapy;
· No firearms.

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