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Trusted Prison consultants is proud to serve the state of Oregon. We have federal prison consultants as well as state prison consultants that have the expertise to help you with your case. There are currently 14 adult state prisons and one federal prison in the state of Oregon. Of the 15 prisons, there is only one women’s facility called “Coffee Creek Correctional Facility” in Wilsonville, Oregon. Out of 100,000 individuals, 385 will be incarcerated in Oregon each year. Many of the prisons in Oregon offer or even require their inmates to participate in work programs. Having an inmate work while serving their sentence is believed to lower recidivism rates. For this reason, Oregon is said to have one of most reformative prison systems in America.

Portland Prison Consultants

Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon with a population of around 632,000. Including its surrounding cities the population comes in around 2.5 million. In fact, according to the census bureau Portland is the 26th largest city in the United States. Between 2014 and 2015 Portland increased its population 1.9% moving two positions in the national population. It was also the only city in the US to make the top 25 for Quality of Life Survey. Currently there is only one prison in in the Portland area. The prison is called “Columbia River Correctional Institution”. The maximum capacity for this prison is 595 inmates. It is a minimum-security facility that homes inmates scheduled for release within four years. The facility focuses on work programs along with cognitive programming to help prepare the inmates for an easier transition back into the community. In 2015, an inmate convicted of burglary escaped from this prison only two months after being booked. To this date there is no information that he has ever been found.

Eugene Prison Consultants

Eugene is a small city in Oregon located just east of the Oregon Coast with a population of about 159,000. According to the 2010 census, Eugene is amongst the second most populated city in the state. While you may know Eugene is home to the University of Oregon, it also houses one jail called Lane County Corrections.

Salem Prison Consultants

Salem is less than an hour drive to Portland and has been the capital of Oregon since 1851. Its current population is approximately 160,000 people. Salem has the highest number of prisons in the state of Oregon. Salem is home to the oldest prison in the state called the Oregon State Penitentiary also known as the Oregon State Prison along with the only women’s facility called Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. In addition Salem also houses inmates in the Oregon State Correctional Institution, Santiam Correctional Institution, State of Oregon Department of Corrections, and Mill Creek Correctional Facility.

Federal Detention Center Sheridan

The state of Oregon has one Federal Prison called the “Federal Detention Center” in Sheridan. They currently house 1,741 inmates but can hold 2,000 inmates at maximum capacity. The prison has been around since 1989. The facility is broken up into two sections including medium to minimum-security buildings or what they refer to as “camps”. They designed this prison to help rehabilitate their inmates. They do so by providing the minimum-security inmates with classes in landscaping and personal fitness. With these programs in place they have helped lowered the recidivism rate to 34%. If you know someone in this prison system that needs help, our Oregon Prison Consultants are here for a free consultation.

Most Dangerous Prison Locations in Oregon

According to the FBI, Ontario comes in at number one for the most dangerous city in Oregon. Ontario borders Idaho and is located along the Snake River. Not only is Ontario the most dangerous city but also the most violent city in Oregon. From 2011 until 2013, violent crimes increased by 25%. To put this into perspective, individuals have a 1 in 170 chance of becoming a victim to a violent crime. In addition, 1 in every 13 individuals are involved in property crimes such as theft or arson each year.

Medford comes in second for the most locations in the city of Oregon. Similarly to Ontario, Medford has also increased their violent crime and property crime rate by 25% over the past few years. In fact, Medford actually had a higher likelihood of a 1 in 159 chance of becoming a victim in a violent crime. Gresham made the list coming in at number three for violent crimes in Oregon. Gresham increased its violent crime by a jaw dropping 47% between 2011 and 2013. This means 1 in every 180 individuals became victims of a violent crime. Surprisingly, Gresham is on the lower side for property crimes. In Oregon, Lincoln City has the forth-highest rates of violent crimes. The good news here is that Lincoln City has been making tremendous improvements and has plummeted their violent crime rate by 56%.

While Portland is not the last city on the list, it was the most shocking to here that it was amongst the top five most violent cities in Oregon. In 2013, it was reported that individuals had a 1 in 207 chance of becoming an assault, rape or even murder victim. In addition individuals also had a mind blowing 1 in 21 chance of being an arson or theft victim as well.

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When someone gets in trouble or is in a legal bind, they often do not know what to do. That is expected. It is common for good people to make mistakes. In this sort of situation we do not expect the individual or their family to know what to do or what the best steps are to take. That is why over the years we have assembled a team of individuals who are the best in the business and who can do whatever it takes to change someone’s life. At Trusted Prison Consultants we do what we can to give each client the individualized attention that they deserve. We don’t just see a client as a “number” or a way to pay the bills. We listen to their individual situation and then we meet with the team until we find the right option for them. This is often the option that will make their life safer, happier, and will reduce the amount of time they will spend in custody. We offer free consultations in all of our cases. Feel free to give us a call so we can get the process started.