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New York city is the fourth most populated state in the United States. The current population of New York is around 20 million people. The downtown area of Manhattan and its surrounding cities are where most of the population resides. In New York City, the population is around 9 million just in that one small area. There are close to 60 prisons in New York and therefore it is somewhere where prison consultants are often hired to help out with cases. New York has a lot of power on the east coast which causes a lot of federal indictments created in the city of New York. With powerful people sometimes comes crime. Whether it is a simple theft case of a small amount of money or a million dollar fraud case, prison consulting has become a regular staple in the state of New York.

State Run Prisons In New York

When someone commits a violation of the New York Penal Code they may have someone end up in State Prison. State prisoners go through the state court system. Prison Consulting duties in state court are most often preparation for the prison term and a possible appeal of the sentence that was handed down. Unlike in Federal Prisons, it is common that in state court one will be housed in an area that is closest to where the crime was committed. Therefore, there is no designation process and no requests to be housed in a certain location. There are around 57 prisons in New York but for educational purposes we have decided to only discuss a few in the more populated areas.

Sing Sing Correctional Facility

Sing Sing Prison is a maximum security correctional facility that is ran by the New York Department of Corrections. It is located on the Hudson River, close to New York City. Sing Sing is one of America’s oldest prisons. It was the fifth prison ever built in America. It was built in 1826 and it still in operation today. The prison doesn’t necessarily have a capacity but it generally stays around 1700 inmates. Some interesting facts about Sing Sing include:

  • Their Electric Chair was named “old sparky”
  • Over 600 people have been executed at this prison
  • They have a college degree educational program
  • In the 1930s Sing Sing had a football team
  • Some of the football players played in the NFL after release
  • The prison is so old that they are now building a museum

Sing Sing is well known for its history but we have heard complaints about how outdated it is and the low quality of its facilities. New York prison consultants could certainly help someone’s case if they were having issues inside this prison.

Willard Prison and Drug Treatment Center

Willard Prison is located in Willard, New York. This is what would be considered a specialty prison as all the inmates are in a drug treatment program. The capacity of Willard is 900 and it houses both men and women at the facility. The Prison was created in 1995 and the purpose was to house low-level offenders with drug problems. However, in special occasions this prison will house individuals with serious crimes or individuals with prior criminal records. If someone violates on parole or probation Willard gives them another option instead of being sent to prison for a year or more. They have a three-month intensive drug treatment program.

If the prisoner is able to follow and graduate from this program then they could potentially be released. After the prisoner is released, Willard Prison works with probation and parole to get the prisoner into a 6-month out patient program in order to continue their recovery. Prison consultants can help someone get into the Willard program. Having New York prison consultants on your side can help you understand every angle and what needs to be done to better your chances to get into a program like this one.

Federal Prisons in New York

 There are four main Federal Prisons in the state of New York. A violation of the United States Code could land someone in Federal Prison. The crime does not technically need to be committed in the state of New York for someone to be sent to Federal Prison in New York. Some of the Federal Prisons act like detention centers while the inmate is awaiting trial but others are full on prisons designated for long-term offenders. The Federal Bureau of prisons manages all of the federal prisons located in New York. Prison consultants in New York work closely with prison staff when working a case to make sure the prisoner gets the best treatment possible during their sentence.

 Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York

The Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York (also known as “MCC New York”) is located in Manhattan. It is a facility that commonly houses inmates who have pending cases in the United States District Court. Having these prisoners so close to the courthouse makes the transfer process a lot easier. This prison:

  • Opened in 1975
  • Is across the street from the Federal Courthouse
  • Has a capacity of around 750
  • Is designated an “Administrative Facility”
  • Has been said in the media to be extremely overcrowded
  • Has housed some high publicity inmates

 Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn

The Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn is most commonly referred to as “MDC Brooklyn”. It is designated as an administrative facility and most of its inmates are awaiting court in United States District Court – Eastern District. This prison houses all security levels and has a capacity near 1000 inmates. It opened around 1990 over the opposition of many elected officials. This prison has had its fair share of media in the past. In 2013, a correctional officer was charged with having sex with an inmate. The correctional officer actually became pregnant after this event happened. She was convicted of sexual abuse of the inmate. This prison has had its fair share of high publicity inmates including Al Sharpton who was there for 90 days after a protest on government property.

Trusted Prison Consultants helping Prisoners in New York

At Trusted Prison Consultants we have experience fighting cases in the state of New York. With all the power in New York these cases can be very intimidating. The US Attorney’s office in New York employs some of the best and brightest around the country. The key to successful representation of a client is the make sure that everyone knows the good qualities they have inside. To humanize a client is to make sure that all parties understand that they are a real person who made a small mistake. We offer free consultations on all of our cases. If you have a pending case in the state of New York do not hesitate to give us a call for a consultation.