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New Mexico is located in the Southwestern region of the United States. It has a population coming in at just over 2 million people. It became the 47th US State after the Mexican-American War in 1848. To this day, New Mexico has the highest number of Hispanic descendants within the entire country. In addition, Native American’s are the second highest portion of New Mexico’s population.

Santa Fe Prison Consultants

Santa Fe is the state capital of New Mexico. Santa Fe is considered to be the fourth largest city in the state of New Mexico with a population close to 70,000. It is likely that the Native American’s originally settled here due to the close proximity to the Santa Fe River, which allowed for easy transportation and a source of water. If you or a loved one gets sent to prison in Santa Fe then prison consultants can help. it is likely they will be sent to the Penitentiary of New Mexico.

Some facts about the Penitentiary of New Mexico include:

  • This is the only super-maximum security facility in the state of New Mexico
  • They house inmates ranging from minimum-security up to the most dangerous and highest ranked security male inmates in the state.
  • At maximum capacity they can hold up to 790 inmates.
  • The facility is made up of eight separate buildings ranging from minimum-security to super-maximum security, which includes death row inmates.

Albuquerque Prison Consultants

Albuquerque has the highest population in the state of New Mexico coming in just under 560,000. It is said to have one of the highest elevations within the United States. In addition, they have polar opposite seasons with very warm summers and very cold winters due to the cold semi-arid climate. A well-known feature in Albuquerque is the Sandia Mountains, which are just east of the city.

Las Cruces Prison Consultants

Las Cruces is the second largest city in the state of New Mexico. Some people may know it from its Spanish translation of “the city of crosses”. Las Cruces has a population of approximately 101,000 individuals. It is known for being the farming region near the Rio Grande. The prison in the area of Las Cruces is the Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility.

The Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility:

  • Was originally designed to hold 330 inmates, but has since expanded and can now hold up to 765 minimum-medium security inmates.
  • Offers a variety of programs including GED classes, vocational training, drug and alcohol programs along with many more.

Rio Rancho Prison Consultants

Rio Rancho has the third largest population in the state of New Mexico coming in right around 94,000 people. In addition, it is also one of the fastest growing cities in the state of New Mexico. Rio Rancho has Albuquerque to the south and the Rio Grande to the west, which is one of the most well known rivers in New Mexico. They have a desert like arid climate, which brings very hot and dry weather. The city of Rio Rancho does not have a prison, so if you or a loved one gets incarcerated you are likely to be sent to the Penitentiary of New Mexico in Santa Fe or the Northwest New Mexico Correctional Center in Grants.

Grants Prison Consultants

Northwest New Mexico Correctional Center is a prison in Grants New Mexico. Some interesting facts about it include:

  • This prison was originally called the New Mexico Women’s Correctional Facility
  • Maximum Capacity: 744 male inmates
  • The majority of the inmates have two years or less left on their sentence
  • The facility provides a variety of concentrated programs to reduce recidivism rates such as drug and alcohol programs
  • It is the first prison in New Mexico to have a three-step program called “Go Further” focusing on educational classes, faith and substance abuse.

The Western New Mexico Correctional Facility is another prison in Grants, New Mexico. Upon opening, it was originally intended to house male and female inmates. However, it is now an all women’s facility. They can house up to 440 female inmates at one time. They range from a level three to level four-security facility.

Los Lunas and Springer New Mexico Prison Consultants

The Central New Mexico Correctional Facility was originally designed to hold 480 medium-security inmates. Today however, it houses close to 1,100 minimum-maximum security inmates. Here, they focus on the rehabilitation of their inmates by providing medical treatment including mental health, educational classes, and many other programs so assist in a positive transition back in to society.

The Springer Correctional Facility is one of the oldest facilities in New Mexico, which was originally built to be an all boys’ juvenile school. However over the years it transitioned into a level one and two- security male facility. Now it is a level one and two-facility for women. The prison can hold a maximum capacity of 424 female inmates at one time.

Trusted Prison Consultants Serving the entire state of New Mexico

At Trusted Prison Consultants we have done our research for New Mexico. Our job has been to build strategic partnerships with experts in the area so that our clients get the benefit of our hard work. Facing a prison sentence can be a tough physical and psychological transition. It is something that is not done quickly but it is something that can be prepared for. If you know someone who is going through a hard time, please tell them to give us a call.