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The capital of Nevada is Carson City. The state of Nevada consists primarily of semi-arid desert land. They are ranked as the 35th most populated state within the United States, with a population coming in somewhere around 2.8 million people. Many people refer to Nevada as the “Silver State”, because silver mining played a huge part in the economy and history of Nevada over the years. Within Nevada, approximately three-fourths of the population resides in Clark County.

Las Vegas Prison Consultants

One of the most well-known vacation destinations in Clark County is Las Vegas or what some people refer to as “sin city”. Within the United States, Las Vegas is the 29th most populated city. It is also the most populated city in the state of Nevada. Las Vegas is notorious for being a party city filled with adult entertainment. They have everything from casinos, gourmet restaurants, nightly shows, and strip clubs. There’s even a common slogan, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Each year Las Vegas is one of the world’s largest tourists destinations with nearly 41 million visitors. People often find themselves in trouble when participating in all of the activities of the city. Whether one is getting involved with drugs or prostitution, one wouldn’t be surprised by the high volume of arrests each night. While the allure of these activities may have been intriguing at the time, having an arrest or a felony on your record is not ideal. In Las Vegas there are two adult prisons, including one male and one female facility.

High Desert State Prison:

  • Is an all male facility that opened in 2000.
  • It houses medium to maximum-security inmates.
  • It is the newest and largest prison in the state of Nevada.
  • It can hold up to 4,176 inmates at maximum capacity spread between 12 housing units. Each unit is designed to house 336 inmates at a time.
  • This massive prison lies on approximately 25 miles of land in Clark County.
  • Being such a new facility, it was designed to be the most secure prison in Nevada.

Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Center:

  • It was originally named The Southern Nevada’s Correctional Facility.
  • It is an all women’s state prison housing all custody levels from minimum-security to death row inmates.
  • It opened in September of 1997 and was the first privately owned and operated facility in Nevada. However, after many legal issues and accruing millions in debt, the Nevada Department of Corrections took control of the prison in 2004. It was originally built to house 500 inmates, but has expanded over the years to house 950 female inmates.

Reno Prison Consultants

Reno is another popular city in Nevada, which coined the name “The Biggest Little City in the World”. The population in Reno is around 233,000 people. It is within driving distance to Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Individuals visit Reno for a number of activities including but not limited to gambling, skiing and to attend annual events hosted each year. While one wouldn’t expect to get arrested and be charged with a crime, that is the reality for some. Though the city of Reno does not have any prisons, there are three prisons nearby in Carson City. Going to prison is tough on an individual and their loved ones. If you get in trouble in Reno and get sent to an unfamiliar city, we are here to make this transition easier for you.

Carson City Prison Consultants

Carson City is the capital on Nevada with a population of around 55,274 individuals. The majority of the population resides in an area called Eagle Valley. There are three prisons within Carson City including:

Warm Springs Correctional Center:

  • It was originally an all women’s facility from 1961 until 1997.
  • It was then converted into an all men’s medium-security facility in 1998.
  • The facility is equipped to hold 532 inmates at maximum capacity.
  • The prison offers a wide array of programs including treatment services, educational classes to vocational training.
  • They believe that by educating the inmates and providing programs to keep them occupied it will lower violence inside the prison and reduce recidivism rates.

The Northern Nevada Correctional Center:

  •  This Prison is a medium-security prison that opened in 1964.
  • Rather than serving as a traditional lockdown prison, this facility was designated to serve as a treatment center for medium-security inmates.
  • Their primary focus is to educate the inmates, provide drug and alcohol treatment, and to restore ties between inmates and their families.
  • This prison was the first of its kind, which they ran as an experiment.
  • They have their staff wear casual attire rather than uniforms and have inmates refer to them by their first name.
  • While the majority of the inmates are male, they also have a handful of women inmates as well. It can house a maximum of 1,619 inmates, which they divide between seven housing units.
  • On the same property lies the Stewart Conservation Camp, which was designed to house 240 minimum-security inmates. However, they typically house 328 inmates, who provide work for the Nevada Division of Forestry.

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