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The state of Nebraska is located in the Midwestern region of the United States. Nebraska is a landlocked state, with a portion of the state residing on the Great Plains. Nebraska is also known as being the “Cornhusker State”, likely because of the University of Nebraska. The population comes in just shy of two million people. There are 6 state prisons within the entire state of Nebraska, including an all women’s facility and a youth facility. Although it is a smaller state, both federal prison consultants and state prison consultants have been known to do a fair amount of work in Nebraska.

Omaha Prison Consultants

Omaha is the largest city in the state of Nebraska. It has a population right around 450,000 people. Omaha was the original state capital of Nebraska, however it was later transferred to the city of Lincoln after president Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Omaha is in close proximity to the Missouri River and the Platte River. Within the city of Omaha there are 2 state prisons.

Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility

The first prison in Omaha is the Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility. Some interesting facts about this prison include.

  • They house minimum to maximum-security male inmates
  • This prison holds inmates 18 years old and younger
  • They provide educational classes along with treatment plans
  • They offer life skills, religion and mentor based programs
  • They publicly say their goal of the prison is rehabilitation

Omaha Correctional Center

The second prison in this city is the Omaha Correctional Center. This facility provides housing to minimum and medium-security male inmates. They can hold up to 712 inmates at maximum capacity. They also provide a large number of programs to help reduce recidivism rates in the future. A few of the programs include GED courses, mental health counseling, and alcoholics anonymous classes.

In addition to the two prisons in Omaha, they also have a Community Corrections Center. It is designed to provide work release opportunities to inmates with low security classifications with good standing and typically towards the end of their sentence. It gives a select number of inmates the opportunity to work in the community during the day while being housed in the facility during all non-working hours. They are able to accommodate 180 inmates at maximum capacity. In addition to working in the community, the inmates are also offered a variety of programs to further assist their transition back in to society. Prison consultants work with each prison on Omaha for housing transfers and appeals related situations.

Lincoln Prison Consultants

Lincoln is the state capital of Nebraska within Lancaster County. It is the second largest city in the state of Nebraska. Lincoln has a population coming in just under 280,000 individuals. There are two state prisons in the city of Lincoln. The first is the Lincoln Correctional Center. The Lincoln correctional center:

  • Is an all male facility
  • Houses medium to maximum-security inmates
  • Can hold a maximum capacity of 500 male inmates
  • Offers a variety of programs including GED classes and pre-employment training
  • Offers English classes

The second prison in Lincoln is the Nebraska State Penitentiary. This facility is the oldest prison in the state of Nebraska and has been around since 1869. The facility is designed to hold approximately 1,200 inmates at maximum capacity. In the Nebraska State Penitentiary, they try to improve communication between the inmates and guards by providing smaller cellblocks to help build relationships and cut down on violence.

Similarly to Omaha, Lincoln also has a Community Corrections Center, which is a work release program granted to select inmates for good behavior. It allows inmates to work in their community while still serving their sentence. After the inmate finishes his or her work for the day, they head back to the institution to be housed for the night. The facility has a total of 400 beds housing both male and female inmates spread between four housing units.

Grand Island Prison Consultants

Grand Island is another city within the state on Nebraska. It has a population of approximately 51,000 people. Grand Island was among one of ten cities in the United States who have received the All-America City Award not once but three times. If you are sent to prison while in Grand Island, chances are you will end up at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution in Tecumseh, Nebraska. This prison is approximately 120 miles away from Grand Island. This facility houses inmates with varying security levels from minimum to maximum security. They also provide an array of rehabilitation programs including educational courses, treatment programs, religious support and many more.

Kearney Prison Consultants

Kearney is a smaller city within the state of Nebraska. The population here is slightly over 32,000 people. Kearney is home to multiple museums and attractions, including the Great Platte River Road Archway. Due to the fact that Kearney is quite small, they only have a local jail. If you or a loved one is sent to prison while in Kearney, you will likely be sent to the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln.

Nebraska Correctional Center for Women

The Nebraska Correctional Center for Women is located in York, Nebraska. As it states in the name, it is an all women’s facility. In fact, it is the only women’s facility in the state of Nebraska. Here they house female inmates ranging from minimum to maximum-security. They are able to accommodate 275 inmates at maximum capacity. When the female inmates enter this facility, they are required to complete a 30-day orientation program. During those 30 days, the inmates are required to receive a medical and mental health evaluation and they are informed about all the numerous programs the facility has to offer. The women are also given a specialized plan to assist in their personal needs while incarcerated. As mentioned above, this facility offers numerous rehabilitation programs including parenting classes, GED courses, offender work programs and much more.

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