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Minnesota is located in the Upper Midwest region of the United States. Due to the fact that Minnesota is so far north, it shares a border with Canada and Lake Superior. Minnesota is home to many lakes within the state, which is why it was given the nickname “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. The population comes in right around 5.5 million people. The climate varies drastically by season, ranging from freezing winters to hot summers. Minnesota has had a variety of leading industries over the years, including logging, farming and iron mining.

Whether you are on vacation or a permanent resident in Minnesota, if you find yourself in legal trouble our team at either a federal prison consultant or a state prison consultant can help. If you or a loved one is sent to prison while in Minnesota, you will likely be sent to one of 12 state prisons.

Minnesota Correctional Facility Faribault Prison Consultants

 Minnesota Correctional Facility Fairbault is an all male facility in the city of Faribault. The original facility was used as a mental hospital. Over the years with many renovations and extensions it has transitioned into the largest prison in the state of Minnesota. MCF Faribault has the capability to house around 2,000 inmates at maximum capacity with an average of 2,000 inmates at one time. They house inmates ranging from minimum (Level 2) to medium-security (Level 3). Below is a partial list of classes this facility has to offer:

  • GED and basic educational classes
  • Construction, flooring, and woodworking courses
  • Cleaning and laundry crews
  • Treatment programs for drug and alcohol offenders
  • Wood manufacturing courses

Minnesota Correctional Facility Lino Lakes Prison Consultants

 Minnesota Correctional Facility Lino Lakes is another all male facility in the city of Lino Lakes Minnesota. This facility originally housed male and female juvenile offenders, but has since been transformed in to an all male medium security prison. This facility can hold up to 1,300 inmates at maximum capacity spread between 12 housing wings. This facility often takes in re-offenders or parole violators. Below are some of the classes and privileges this facility provides to the inmates:

  • GED courses
  • School and library
  • Chemical Dependency programs
  • Sex offender treatment
  • Religious programs
  • Health services
  • Therapy for mentally ill
  • Athletic Classes

Minnesota Correctional Facility Stillwater

Minnesota Correctional Facility Stillwater is an all male facility in Bayport, Minnesota. MCF Stillwater is known for a notable incident in 2008 when four inmates tried to escape via tunnel. The security has now increased and there haven’t been any attempted escapes since. This facility houses all custody levels from minimum (Level 1) to maximum (Level 4) security inmates. The inmates are spread between seven different buildings determined by security rankings. This facility allows for 1,600 inmates to be housed at maximum capacity. This prison offers a variety of classes including adult education classes, chemical dependency programs, fine arts painting courses and even an industrial program. In addition, the minimum-security inmates are required to provide ground work and maintenance around the prison.

St. Cloud Prison Consultants

 Minnesota Correctional Facility St. Cloud is a state prison in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The facility was the third prison in Minnesota to open its doors in 1889. This facility has gone through a few changes over the years, including starting out as a reformatory for young offenders ages 16-30 years old. The facility is designed to hold approximately 1,040 maximum-security inmates. Here they provide a variety of programs for the inmates, including general education courses, a barber school, a masonry program, substance abuse courses, religious programs and more.

Minnesota Correctional Facility Shakopee is the only women’s prison in the state of Minnesota. When the facility originally opened in 1986 it did not have any walls or fences to keep the inmates in. Instead they used a giant hedge to surround the grounds, until a bonding bill passed in 2016 requiring a wall to secure the prison. Although the prison did not have a secure facility for over 30 years, only eight prisoners were able to escape, but were later found and brought back to the prison. This facility is able to house 650 female inmates at one time, with an average of 600 inmates at one time. MCF Shakopee houses all security ranks ranging from minimum to maximum-security spread between 10 different buildings. They offer a selection of rehabilitation programs, including educational courses, mental health treatment, chemical dependency programs, parenting classes and more.

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If you have any legal issues in the state of Minnesota we have prison consultants standing by to help with your case. Whether it is a simple request for a transfer to another facility or a full blow appeal of your entire case, we have the experts that are here to help. At Trusted Prison Consultants we offer free consultations on all criminal matters so if you feel like you may have a case feel free to give us a call.