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Indiana is located in the midwestern region of the United States. The population of Indiana comes in just over 6 million people. Due to the fairly small land area of the state, combined with the population, it is considered to be the sixteenth most populous state in the United States. The majority of the population resides in the states capital of Indianapolis. The state got its name from its early Native American inhabitants, and the word Indiana actually means, “Land of the Indians”. Ironically, Indians only make up about 1 percent of the population. Whether you’re a resident of Indiana or just visiting, it is always important to know the laws. If you or someone you know is sent to prison, the Federal Prison Consultants at Trusted Prison Consultants are here to help. Below is a partial list of the many prisons within the state of Indiana. For further questions or inquiries, contact our team for a free consultation.

Indiana State Prison

Indiana State Prison or “ISP” is located in Michigan City, Indiana. This facility opened in 1860, and was the second prison to open in the state of Indiana. It was originally named the “State Prison West”, because the first prison to open was called “State Prison East”, both prisons were later renamed. ISP is an all male facility with the majority of the inmates classified as maximum security. They also have a wing designated for lower security inmates as well. This prison can hold up to 2,200 inmates at maximum capacity. They also offer a variety of programs such as:

  • GED, college and literacy classes
  • Auto Body and welding
  • Substance abuse programs
  • Dog training programs
  • Horse retirement programs
  • Sex Offender courses
  • Parenting classes
  • Gardening classes
  • Culinary classes

Indiana Correctional Industrial Facility

Correctional Industrial Facility is located in Pendleton, Indiana. This facility opened its doors in 1985. The facility was originally used as a food product plant to supply food to local jails and prisons. Here, they house male inmates classified as medium-security. CIF can hold a maximum of 1,416 inmates at one time. They offer a handful or programs and rehabilitation classes including:

  • Literacy and educational courses
  • P.L.U.S. program to help inmates realize they have a purpose
  • Religious programs
  • Dog training classes
  • Substance Abuse courses
  • Automotive classes
  • Recreation time

Woman’s Prison Consultants in Indiana

Woman’s Prison Indiana is located in the state capital of Indianapolis, Indiana. This facility was the first female prison to open in the United States in 1873. Since the original opening, the facility has moved locations but has kept the original name. They are able to house approximately 600 female inmates classified from medium to maximum-security. The prison offers a variety of programs to help educate and rehabilitate these women. A partial list of the classes includes, a nursery program for mothers and expecting mothers, parenting classes, vocational training, substance abuse programs, anger management, mental health treatment and more.

Miami Indiana Correctional Facility Prison Consultants

MCF is located in Bunker Hill, Indiana. This facility first opened its doors in 1998. MCF houses all levels from minimum to maximum security male inmates. This prison is the largest facility in the state of Indiana, with the capacity to hold up to 3,188 inmates at one time. This facility offers a variety of programs, including educational classes, substance abuse programs along with an entire wing dedicated to methamphetamine addiction, landscaping and maintenance jobs, and many more. Prison consultants work with this prison to get clients into these programs or help them if they violate in the programs.

One of the most noteworthy incidents that occurred in this prison was the death of inmate Angel Oquendo. In 2002, inmate Oquendo got in a physical altercation with a prison guard. Afterwards, inmate Oquendo tried to seek medical help, but he allegedly didn’t follow proper procedure and was denied. There was another physical altercation and the inmate later died. The coroner listed his cause of death as suffocation. After a battle in court, a judge decided to dismiss the case and dropped the charges against the prison.

Pendleton Correctional Facility Prison Consultants

Pendleton Correctional Facility is located in Pendleton, Indiana. This facility is in close proximity to the state capital of Indianapolis. This is a state run prison where state prison consultants would be working to help the inmates. PCF first opened in 1923 after a fire destroyed the nearby Indiana State Reformatory. It is an all male facility, housing minimum to maximum-security inmates over the age of 22. They are able to house approximately 1,650 inmates at maximum capacity. This facility also offers an array of programs, such as parenting classes, anger and stress management, horticulture, GED and literacy classes, substance abuse, auto body programs, religious programs and more.

One noteworthy incident occurred in 1985, when inmates John Cole and Christopher Trotter stabbed seven offers, held three employees hostage and put an entire unit on lockdown for 17 hours. If you or someone you know is sentenced to prison, it is important to know the additional charges that would come out of situations such as the one above. Prison consultants can help with any cases that occur inside of a prison.

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