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Illinois is considered to be one of the most dangerous states in America. The state of Illinois is classified as the fifth most populated in the United States. The population is right under 13 million. This is one reason why the crime rates are so high. Each year it is estimated that approximately 305,000 crimes happen in the state of Illinois. The majority of these crimes occur in the city of Harvey, which is a short drive from Chicago.

 Chicago Prison Consultants

Chicago is the largest city in the state of Illinois. They have a population coming in over 2.7 million people. Chicago is known for being one of the most dangerous cities in the state of Illinois. Statistics from last year have shown that approximately 3,000 people were shot, 450 were killed from the shootings and over 2,500 were wounded. They also discovered that roughly every three hours someone is shot and every 17 hours someone is murdered in Chicago. Statistics stated that around 24,000 crimes occur each year, including 411 murders.

 Springfield Prison Consultants

Springfield is the capital of Illinois. They have a population just over 116,000 people. Springfield is a city with a lot of history. It was part of the civil war of the 1800s and has always had a strong political background. Some interesting facts about Springfield include:

  • Abraham Lincoln resided in Springfield
  • Lincoln’s home was converted into a museum and tourist attraction after he became president
  • There are approximately 6,600 crimes annually
  • Springfield is actually the third capital of Illinois

The main jail in Springfield is the Sangamon County Detention Facility. It was built in 1991 and serves as the main detention center for people awaiting trial. If someone is awaiting a state court case or are in violation of probation or parole, they will likely reside in this jail. The jail usually has a population of around 300 inmates with less than 10% being female inmates. Unlike prisons, jails have a lot less programs and a lot less freedom. There is no mandated outdoor time and jails can have poor conditions.

 Stateville Correctional Center

Stateville Correctional Center is the largest prison in Illinois. It is located in Crest Hill. Here, they can house 4,134 maximum-security male inmates. At this facility they offer a number of different programs to assist in the rehabilitation of the inmates. Some of the programs include adult educational classes, addiction programs, mental health services and sex offender programs. They even provide volunteer programs that allow outside volunteers to come in and provide services to the inmates. Their goal at this facility is to provide positive change in hopes to better the inmates and to decrease future incarcerations.

Dixon And Pontiac Correctional Center

 Dixon Correctional Center is another all male facility in Dixon, Illinois. They provide housing to 2,529 medium-security inmates. Similarly, this facility also offers a number of programs and classes to their inmates to promote positive change and behavior. By providing rehabilitation classes, they believe this will help the inmates return to their community and make a positive impact.

Pontiac Correctional Center houses a number of male inmates ranging from minimum, medium to maximum-security. They previously housed death row inmates, until the state of Illinois stopped prisoner execution all together. They can hold 2,298 inmates at maximum capacity with an average of 2,000 inmates incarcerated at one time in this facility.

 Administrative United States Penitentiary and FCI Greenville

Administrative United States Penitentiary was previously known as the Thomson Correctional Center and is located in Thompson, Illinois. The facility sits on a huge lot of around 150 acres of land. The facility has 15 buildings designed to hold 2,100 maximum-security inmates

FCI Greenville is a medium-security federal prison including a minimum-security camp within the same grounds of the facility. They can hold a maximum of 1,361 male and female offenders with the majority of the inmates housed in the main medium-security building.

Metropolitan Correctional Center Prison Consultants

The Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) is another Federal Prison located in Chicago, Illinois. They can house up to 683 male and female inmates with different security levels at one time. Similar to the other two federal prisons in Illinois, the MCC also offers a variety of classes. In addition, they allow their inmates yard time located on the rooftop of their facility. This allows the inmates to be outside and exercise for two hours. In addition, they provide a gym and library to the inmates.

Federal Correctional Institution Pekin

The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) is located in Pekin, Illinois. Some facts about this institution include:

  • They house medium-security male inmates
  • They can hold up to 1,274 male inmates at maximum capacity
  • On the same grounds they also have a much smaller housing unit designated for minimum-security male prisoners.
  • They provide classes to educate their inmates in hopes to provide basic skills and knowledge for when the inmates are released.
  • They also provide recreational time in the yard to offer fresh air and allow the inmates to socialize with one another.

United States Penitentiary Marion

The United States Penitentiary (USP) Federal Prison is located in Marion, Illinois. It was originally used to house extremely dangerous maximum-security inmates. However, after a number of escapes, attacks and even murders of prison guards, the prison was converted into a medium-security male prison. They have the ability to hold 1,340 inmates at maximum capacity. They also have a smaller facility on the same grounds designed to hold minimum-security male offenders.

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