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Hawaii is comprised of four major islands: The Big Island, Maui, Oahu and Kauai. Most of the population resides on Oahu with a population of around 900,000 people. All together Hawaii’s population is around 1.4 million. Hawaii is a US state and was one of the last ones to be designed a state in America. It is well known for its tourism, great weather and amazing beaches. Whichever island you go to, you will see areas where you can find your own tropical oasis.

Honolulu Prison Consultants

In Honolulu there is a large amount of homeless people, which has created a substantial problem with methamphetamine. In Honolulu the meth is often referred to as “ice”. At times over the last ten years Hawaii has been named in the top 10 places for meth use in the entire nation. Along with this drug use comes crime. Whether it is drug crimes or violent crimes residents of Hawaii known the impact that meth has done on its state. There are four main state prisons in Hawaii but the Halawa Correctional Facility is the one that houses the most inmates.

Halawa Correctional Facility Hawaii

Halawa Correctional Facility is a state prison in the city of Honolulu Hawaii. It has a capacity of around 1500 inmates and is managed by the Hawaii Department of Public Safety. This prison is the largest prison in Hawaii and it was transferred to be state run around 1977. There are two main facilities at this prison the general medium security facility and the special needs facility. The special needs facility is reserved for people with mental health issues but also has a rehabilitative center for people with drug addiction problems. In the special needs facility there are also some vocational and educational programs that are available to the inmates. Recent media reports have addressed the issue of overcrowding at this facility and have noted that they are going through a renovation process in order to keep the security levels high at this facility. Trusted Prison Consultants has worked with several different agencies to have people put into the correct programs inside this prison.

Federal Detention Center in Honolulu Hawaii

The Federal Detention Center in Honolulu is also known as the “FDC Honolulu”. This is a federal facility that houses but male and female inmates. The federal prison is operated by the federal bureau of prisons and serves as a detention facility for inmates awaiting trial on federal cases. The federal courthouse is in downtown Honolulu and this makes it easy to transport inmates to court when they are waiting on pending cases. This facility houses around 300 inmates and at time has housed some state inmates because of the issues of overcrowding.

Defending Cases in the State of Hawaii

We have Federal prison consultants ready and prepared to take your case. We have experience dealing with cases in Hawaii and have worked with several attorneys that have experience on several islands in Hawaii. Whether it’s a small state case or a complex federal case, we have the team to help. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Hawaii we can help you with a free case evaluation.