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Georgia is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. It was also the last state to become part of the original thirteen colonies. Many people know Georgia as the “peach state”, this is due to the state producing the highest quality produce, specifically peaches. Georgia is also well known for Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, which draws in millions of tourists each year. Georgia is ranked as the 24th largest state in the U.S., with a population of approximately 10.3 million people. A few years back, Georgia was the second fastest growing nation in the U.S., coming in right behind Texas. The climate in Georgia ranges from hot and humid summers to cold winters with a fair amount of rain.

In Georgia, approximately 350,000 crimes are committed each year. The majority of these crimes are property crimes, while the rest include violent crimes such as rape, robbery, aggravated assault and murder. If you or someone you know is sent to prison while in Georgia, you can count on the expert team of attorneys at the Trusted Prison Consultants to help you through these hard times.

Atlanta Prison Consultants

Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia, and also the state capital. Atlanta has a population coming in somewhere around 465,000 people. However, within the Atlanta Metropolitan area the population is nearly 5.7 million, which includes 39 counties across Atlanta. Among the 71 cities in the state of Georgia, Atlanta is ranked as the 11th most dangerous city. The majority of crimes that occur in Atlanta are violent crimes. If you or someone you know is sent to prison in Atlanta, chances are you will be sent to a nearby prison in a neighboring city. While Atlanta does not have a state prison, it does have a federal prison.

Georgia Federal Prison Consultants

United States Penitentiary, Atlanta is located in the state capital of Atlanta, Georgia. It is an all male facility, which opened in 1902. Federal Prison consultants work with this prison to arrange transfers and help inmates get into any programs that they desire. It was previously the largest Federal Prison in the United States with the capacity to hold up to 3,000 medium-security inmates. However, they now only hold around 1,940 inmates at maximum capacity. If you or someone you know is sent to this Federal Prison, do not get too comfy because chances are you will not stay long. This facility is considered to be a transfer prison, where inmates are held here temporarily before being transferred again. An interesting fact about this prison is that there was a riot that occurred in 1987 that lasted for 11 days. A group of Cuban inmates allegedly planned a riot where they took multiple people hostage and set the prison on fire.

Georgia State Prison Consultants

Georgia State Prison “GSP” is located in Reidsville, Georgia. The facility first opened its doors in 1938. GSP is an all male maximum-security state prison. This facility has the capability to hold 1,550 inmates at maximum capacity. By far the most well-known inmate to ever be sent to the Georgia State Prison is Martin Luther King Junior. He was later released on a $2,000 bond.

Rogers State Prison is also located in Reidsville, Georgia less than 5 miles away from Georgia State Prison. This state prison opened in 1983 as an all male facility. Here they house inmates classified as medium-security. They are able to hold up to 1,391 inmates at maximum capacity. This prison offers a variety of programs including:

  • A farming program that includes a dairy and meat operation
  • An agriculture production team, which helps supply food to other prisons
  • They offer a handful of educational classes, including GED and literacy programs
  • They also provide religious programs and worship services for inmates

In addition, they also provide therapy, counseling and treatment.

Baldwin State Prison

Baldwin State Prison is located in Hardwick, Georgia. This facility has been around since 1976. This facility has undergone two name changes from Baldwin Correctional Institution, the Georgia Women’s Correctional Institution to the current Baldwin State Prison. This state run prison was originally designated for medium-security female inmates. At maximum capacity they can hold up to 925 inmates. This prison has undergone some serious scrutiny after approximately 200 female inmates complained about being sexually abused by the prison guards. After an extensive investigation, more than 12 guards were prosecuted for these crimes. After this whole ordeal, the prison decided to move all the female inmates out to get a fresh start. The Baldwin State Prison is now an all male facility with the capability to hold close to 1,000 inmates. State Prison Consultants works with Baldwin for any needs our clients have.

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