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When someone mentions Florida, people often think of Disney World or the party scene on Miami Beach. The state of Florida is located in the southeast of the United States. It is the third most populated state in the US, with a population coming in around 20 million people. Florida’s state capital is Tallahassee and the closest major city to Tallahassee would be Jacksonville, just over 150 miles away. Over 105 million people visit Florida each year. Florida is known for their warm humid weather and there booming nightlife. However, if you or a loved one gets caught up in the wrong situation you could find yourself in one of the 56 state prisons or 10 federal prisons located in Florida. That is why there are prison consultants ready to help.

Jacksonville Prison Consultants

Jacksonville is the largest and most populated city is the state of Florida. They have a population just shy of 870,000 people. Jacksonville is surrounded by a beautiful coastline, which allows easy access for cruise ships and cargo ships. Within Jacksonville there is one major jail and one prison along with many halfway homes.

The John E. Goode Pretrial Detention Facility is a jail that houses pre-trial offenders. This massive 12-story facility can house a capacity of 2,189 inmates. Here, the facilities goal is to reduce recidivism rates by making the transition back in to the community a productive one. They do so by providing educational classes and treatment to their inmates. By providing useful life skills the inmates may not have acquired before entering the jail, they hope this allows them to be productive law-abiding citizens when they return home.

James I. Montgomery Prison

This is the only prison in the city of Jacksonville. It was previously known as City Prison Farm. Some facts about this prison are as follows:

  • It houses both male and female inmates needing minimum-security
  • Before the new facility took over, the previous prison took advantage of the rich land for farming
  • The prisoners were taught skills in agriculture, meat curing, sewing and many more. Today the prison has two wings, one housing the male inmates and the other for female inmates
  • The male wing is known as the North Unit, which can hold 440 inmates at maximum capacity
  • The female unit is known as the South Unit with the ability to house 160 inmates at a time
  • The prison also has a smaller unit designed as a segregation wing with a 48-person capacity.

At the James I. Montgomery facility they provide supervised work to the large majority of the inmates. These work crews help assist the city in problem areas. If the inmates are not approved for the supervised work program they are required to participate in the educational programs or receive treatment.

Miami Prison Consultants

 Miami is a well-known city in the state of Florida. They have a population of approximately 417,600. They are ranked as the eighth most populated city in the United States according to the Census. Miami has been considered as America’s Cleanest City based on their clean air with low pollution, green areas and clean streets. Miami comes in as the third highest skyline behind New York and Chicago. In addition, they are also known for being the cruise capital of the world.

If you or a friend is convicted of a crime while in Miami, chances are you will end up in the Federal Correctional Institution- Miami. It is a state prison that houses 600 low-security male inmates. Due to overcrowding, the Bureau of Prisons had to add additional units. On the same prison grounds, they now have another facility holding 400 minimum-security inmates at maximum capacity.

Federal Prisons in Miami

 The Federal Correctional Institution Miami (FCI Miami) is a low-security federal prison located in Miami, Florida. They are able to house 958 male units in the main wing and an additional 400 inmates in the adjacent camp. In this prison they provide a handful of programs including educational classes, mental health programs, substance abuse treatment and many more.

The Federal Department of Corrections Miami (FDC Miami) is the second federal prison in the city of Miami. Here they can house up to 1,369 male and female inmates. This facility also provides a large number of rehabilitation classes and programs to enhance the inmate’s knowledge and skills.

Prison Consultants in Tampa and Orlando

 Located on the west side of Florida in close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico is Tampa. They currently have a population approaching 352,000 people. Often time’s people also refer to it as the Tampa Bay Area. With its four neighboring counties, they have a population just shy of 3 million. Within the city of Tampa, there is only one jail. The Orient Road Jail is divided into six housing units, in total housing 1,711 inmates at maximum capacity.

 The city of Orlando is a popular tourist destination in central Florida. It is home to more than 12 theme parks, which is probably why it’s known as “The Theme Park Capital of the World”. Each year more than 62 million people visit Orlando. The current population is approximately 255,500.

While others come for the fun, if you find yourself convicted of a crime in Orlando chances are you will end up at one of the wings in the Central Florida Reception Center. It is the only state prison in the city of Orlando. It can hold a maximum of 3,066 male inmates of all security levels.

Federal Correctional Institution – Marianna

FCI Marianna is a medium-security federal prison near the city of Tallahassee. Facts about this prison include:

  • They house 1,207 male and female prisoners in the main facility and an additional 224 minimum-security inmates in their adjacent camp.
  • They offer a large number of classes in hopes of reducing inmates from returning after their release dates.
  • By providing classes such as literacy programs and substance abuse treatment, the goal is to help the inmates adjust to life outside the prison.

FCI Coleman is a low to medium-security prison with the nearest major city being Orlando. They are able to hold 1,864 male inmates at maximum capacity. Similarly to the prisons in Miami, FCI Coleman also provides a large amount of programs. They offer education and literacy programs, mental health treatment, religious programs and much more.

Trusted Prison Consultants Can Help Defend Your Florida Case

 There are a lot of people in the Florida prison system. With over 60 prisons in Florida their prison population is quite spread out. At Trusted Prison Consultants we have handled cases in Florida and have the expertise to put you in a much better situation than where you started. We will discuss your case with you or your family at no cost to you. If you have a legal issue in the state of Florida feel free to give us a call for a free consultation.