Federal Pre-Sentence Investigation Report Review

Once you have been charged with a federal crime and have pled guilty to an offense, at that point a pre-sentence investigation report is necessary. The pre-sentence investigation report is done by the department of probation and they are supposed to be acting as an independent party in the matter in order to help the judge decide on a sentence. At a sentencing hearing there are three parties that submit paperwork to the judge. The U.S. Attorney, defense counsel and the department of probation. Defense counsel generally recommends the best situation for the client, the U.S. Attorney will recommend the worst, and it is your opportunity to try and get probation to come closer to the recommendation that you are requesting.

What documents are reviewed in a Pre-sentence Investigation Report?

Probation looks over a lot of documents and material before putting together their pre-sentence report. They look at the police reports from the case and any other reports connected to the defendant or the victim in the case. Any plea agreements that were made, any dismissed counts, character letters, cooperation, statements made, and any psychological evaluations that were done. On paper, things always look worse than they are. The probation officer has a lot of ammunition to try and paint the picture in the worst possible light. That is why it is so important to consult with someone who is an expert in this area, who knows exactly what the probation officer needs to hear in order to give you the best possible recommendation on a sentence.

Interview of the Defendant in a Federal Pre-Sentence Investigation Report

The interview of the defendant is one of the most important parts of the pre sentence investigation report. If the defendant is prepped beforehand properly, that can mean the difference between prison and probation. The pre-sentence investigation usually starts by asking biographical information about the individual. They ask things like where they went to school, any degrees that they have and about their friends and family. The officer will touch on whether any criminal history, work experience, current employment, past employment, criminal contacts within one’s family and so much more. It then goes into the details of the offense. Depending on the offense, the defense attorney should evaluate whether or not it is a situation where one would want to discuss the offence or say that upon the advice of counsel they are declining to discuss the offense.

How Trusted Prison Consultants Can Help

At Trusted Prison Consultants we not only have a team of lawyers that can help give you the advice you need for the pre-sentence investigation report but we always have people who have worked in government and know what the probation officers want to hear and the special key phrases that need to be said during that hearing. There is a lot that goes into these hearings and there is a lot of documentation that the individual can bring the to the meeting. They can be proof of counseling, classes, psychological reports, sentencing memos, character letters and more. We generally help develop this package for our clients so there are no issues when they are talking with the officer. Remember, every aspect of you case needs to be done properly. It needs to be done right, or you as the defendant is the only one who will suffer. Do not gamble with your life, if you are about to have a pre-sentence investigation report done, let the pros handle it and give us a call today.