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Colorado is a US State that is ranked the 8th largest in area in the US and 22nd in population. Colorado has a population of almost six million people and continues to rise each year. There are around 25 State run prisons in Colorado and two Federal prions. If someone has committed a crime that is in violation of state law then they would be sent to State Prison. The opposite is true with federal law. While in Colorado if someone has committed a federal crime, then they would be sent to Federal Prison. Colorado was one of the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes and has had a large growth in the economy because of it. With marijuana still being federally illegal on the books, this has caused some new regulations and procedures to be followed which has created a fair amount of arrests. If you have been arrested in Colorado for any issue a prison consultant may be the right fit to help your case.

Denver Prison Consultants

Denver is the largest and most populous city in all of Colorado. It has a population of around 650,000 people and continues to grow. There are two prisons in the city of Denver. The first is the Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center. This Prison acts as the reception center for most cases in Colorado before they are sent out to other prisons throughout the state. The capacity at this prison varies because there are always inmates being transferred in and out. Built in 1991, this is one of the newer prisons in Denver. The other prison that is in Denver is the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility. This facility:

  • Has a capacity of around 1000 inmates.
  • Has been over capacity in the past.
  • Has educational programs for inmates as well as rehabilitative programs
  • This prison is a only female prison

Canon City Prison Consultants

When entering Canon City Colorado you will see the sign “Correctional Capital of The World” and that is because there are literally over 5 prisons in a tiny town of just over 15,000 people. The prison population literally makes up the whole population of Cannon City. Although there are a lot of prisons in Canon City we think it is important to discuss the most well-know prisons.

Colorado State Penitentiary

This prison is a level 5 maximum-security prison located in Canon City Colorado. It has a capacity of around 750 inmates but can go over the capacity if needed. Some interesting facts about this prison include:

  • It originally opened in 1990
  • It has a gas chamber as part of the prison
  • It has a death row although no inmates are currently on death row
  • This prison has had riots and has had prisoners escape
  • There have been movies, books and documentaries written about this prison

Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility

To most inmates or people in the area, this prison is known as “Territorial”. It is a medium security prison that houses 900 inmates and was built in 1871. The death row was at this prison until Colorado State Penitentiary opened and the death row moved there. This prison holds one of the two infirmaries that are in Colorado prisons.

Fremont Correctional Facility

Fremont Correctional Facility is a mixed capacity prison located in Canon City Colorado. It opened in 1962 and has a capacity of around 1500 inmates. This is one of the only prisons in Colorado that has a sex offender treatment program. Around 80% of the inmates housed in this prison have committed sexual offenses. Having the majority of the population as sex offenders, this makes it a safer environment for them and makes treatment more easily accessible.

Federal Prisons in Colorado

There are two main federal prisons in Colorado. They are The Federal Correctional Institution Englewood and The Federal Correctional Institution Florence.

The Federal Correctional Institution Englewood

This prison is a federal prison run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Some interesting facts about this prison include:

  • It is a male only prison
  • It is a minimum security prison
  • It opened in 1938
  • It has a capacity of just over 1000 inmates
  • Former Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich is housed here serving a 14-year sentence
  • Former Subway Spokesperson Jared Fogle is housed in this prison
  • Former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling is housed in this prison
  • Several of the inmates at this prison consultants with prison consultants before their sentence

The Federal Correctional Institution Florence

The Federal Correctional Institution Florence is a medium security federal prison located in Colorado. It has a population of around 1100 and is currently operational. This prison came under scrutiny in 2008 when officers found an inmate dead in his cell. A later investigation indicated that the “Surenos” gang members orchestrated the assault. All of the individuals who were involved in the assault were convicted of murder in 2011.

Most Dangerous Cities in Colorado

We worked hard to do some research on what we believe are the most dangerous cities in Colorado.

  1. Cannon City

Anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t seeing the big picture. This is a city of seven prisons and the almost the entire population of the city comes from the inmate population. In Cannon City live some of the most dangerous criminals, including rapists and murders, in the entire country. That is why we put Cannon City at number 1.

  1. Pueblo

Pueblo is a city in Colorado that is 110 miles south of Denver. This one made our list just purely because of the crime rate. Pueblo has a population of around 100,000 people and residents face around a 1 in 100 chance of being a victim of a violent crime and a 1 in 15 chance of being a victim of a property crime. By the pure ratio of crime per individual we would put Pueblo at number 2 on the list.

  1. Federal Heights

Federal Heights keeps having an increase in crime and it has been going up faster than any other city in Colorado that is why we chose to put it at number 3 on our list. Property crimes in the last 5 years have gone up about 20% and violent crimes have increased as well. For violent crimes there is about a 1 in 200 chance you will be a victim of a violent crime in Federal Heights.

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