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There are currently over 30 prisons in the State of California, which house approximately 120,000 inmates. California has been dealing with overcrowding in prisons for the longest time and has even had recommendations from the federal government in order to decrease the prison population. In 2015 Proposition 47 passed which no longer made possession of drugs a felony. This was an effort to make sure that non-violent drug offenders would not be taking up space in prison. After that law passed, the maximum someone can do for drug possession is 365 days in jail. In 2016 Proposition 57 passed which makes non violent felons releasable from prison, in certain circumstances. In the past California has also adopted assembly bill 109, which states that non-violent offenders will do their prison term in local jail. This was a bill to attempt to reduce the prison population and create only an environment for violent offenders or offenders who have been convicted of a strike. The population of California is approximately 50 million. With the prison population at around 120,000, which is less than 0.05%. Remember, when looking at a case, we look at the criminal side of these cases. We do not often take a look at the civil side of them. If you have an inquiry for a civil case, we could recommend contacting a San Diego personal injury lawyer for more information.

Los Angeles California Prison Consultants

California State Prison Los Angeles is the only prison located in Los Angeles County. It is quite well known that Los Angeles has a very large population, but this does not mean that the people in Los Angeles do not commit crimes. When someone commits a crime, they are sent to a prison anywhere in California and that is up to the classification system and up to the charges that the individual has been convicted of. This prison is located in the city of Lancaster and has a capacity of around 2300 people at a time. Unfortunately, prisons in California are known to go above capacity.

San Diego California Prison Consultants

Richard Donovan Correctional Facility is the only prison in San Diego County. It is located near the border and near one of San Diego’s biggest jails called George Bailey Correctional Facility. The prison is in a location where lots of San Diego convicts are housed but also holds inmates from all over California. This jail opened in 1987 and its current capacity is 2200 inmates. At Trusted Prison Consultants we have dealt with a large amount of clients in this prison and have associated with former corrections officers who used to work at this prison. There are a lot of strong criminal defense attorneys in San Diego for local issues we recommend Alex Ozols to help handle your case.

Sacramento California Prison Consultants

The city of Folsom is one that ironically built their city around their state prison. That is essentially the main attraction of the city. Built in the late 1800s, Folsom is one of California’s oldest prisons. It can house around 2500 inmates and is sometimes known for its old and deteriorating conditions. It has housed Charles Manson and Suge Knight and is known as one of the most dangerous prisons in California. The prison is located around 20 miles from Sacramento, which is the capital of California.

Riverside California Prison Consultants

California Rehabilitation Center

The California Rehabilitation Center is a prison located in Norco California, which is in Riverside County. Is has a capacity of around 2400 inmates but houses around 3500 inmates at a time. Drug rehabilitation programs are offered at this prison and there is a long waitlist to be able to get into them. They also offer educational and vocational programs there but some people are restricted due to what charge they were convicted on. Part of our job is to help get people into these programs.

Chuckawalla Valley State Prison and Ironwood State Prison

Chuckawalla Valley State Prison opened in December 1988 and has a capacity of a little over 1500 people. It is located in the city of Blythe, California and it is right across the way from Ironwood State Prison. It is a level 2 medium security prison which means that it does not house the most dangerous offenders. It does house people with violent crimes. Inmates there are considered lower risk and are allowed to leave their cells during the day but not at night. Ironwood, which is also located in Blythe has a little bit of a larger capacity than Chuckawalla. Ironwood was the talk of the media years ago when they decided to have a large Ted Talk inside the prison. Some very successful individuals came in and talked with the inmates.

Salinas Valley State Prison Consulting

Salinas Valley State prison in located in Monterey County. It has a capacity of around 2,500 inmates, but like most California prisons, it goes above that capacity. Salinas Valley prison is not as old as some others, as it was built in 1996. The prison has a program called the Department of Mental Health Intermediate Treatment program. This program is designed to help people who are struggling with mental health issues and often have a very long prison sentence. Most crimes committed in this prison will go to the Salinas Courthouse, in the county of Monterey. Prison contraband and prison violence cases are currently heard in department 1, where a special judge is assigned to handle all of these cases.

San Quentin State Prison Consulting

San Quentin State Prison is probably the most famous prison in California. It opened in 1852 making it the oldest prison in California. Some interesting facts include:

  • The prison is over 165 years old.
  • They usually go about 150% over their capacity of 3000 inmates.
  • San Quentin is the only prison in California that has a death row for male inmates. It is so old, it even has a gas chamber which has not been used since 1996.
  • The prison complex is so big that it even has its own zip code for inmates. It is around 430 acres large.
  • With the prison being so large, it also comes with a lot of programs. It is a cache-22 for some prisoners where they want to be involved in a program but they also don’t want to be housed in one of the most dangerous prisons in America.
  • The prison is so well known it even has an inmate-produced newspaper called the San Quentin News, it is one of the only ones of its kind in the entire world.

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