If you are in a situation where you have an open case or one that you have just been sentenced on, this is not the end of the road. It is actually the very beginning.. Our number one goal is to make sure people get the best possible result in their situation. A lot of people come to us with stress and anxiety about their future and we always explain to them that we are going to make the situation better. We are able to answer all the questions that are asked and do whatever we can to make sure that they have a safe and secure future.

Top Attorneys to Consult on Your Case

At Trusted Prison Consultants we also deal with some of the best attorneys in the business. From awards like Top Trial Lawyers in America, or Top 10 in California, we have lawyers who have been recognized for the work they have done throughout the U.S. If your case has gotten media attention, our team also consists of lawyers who have been featured as legal analysts and who have had featured cases on Fox National News, Fox Local Networks, CBS, ABC, NBC, One American News Network, and more.

Free Consultation on All Legal Matters

At Trusted Prison Consultants we offer a free consultation on all legal matters. We have an intake process where we look at and assess the situation. If we get passed the initial consult stage and Trusted Prison Consultants is considering taking on the case, then the whole team of experts may be involved in the next consultation. At Trusted Prison Consultants we do not take on every single case. We need to make sure that it is the right fit between the client and our team. We use a team approach to every single case and we do everything we can to not only help the individual in trouble but to get them the best possible result in their case.