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United States Prison Consultants

A United States Prison consultant is someone who can help you at the last stage of your criminal case and make sure you are safe and secure if in fact you are going to prison. At Trusted Prison Consultants we pride ourselves in being some of the most experienced in the business. Trusted Prison Consultants is no longer handling prison consulting cases as of early 2017. However, we hope you will still use our site as a resource for information. If you have any legal issues in the state of California we would recommend getting in touch with Ozols Law Firm, which is a San Diego based law firm specializing in criminal defense. The information below represents information from when we were still handling cases. We wish you the best of luck in your search.

At Trusted Prison Consultants you will be dealing with the some of the most connected political figures in all of America. We also associate with some of the best lawyers in the Nation who have won awards including: Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America, Premier 100 Attorneys in America and Top 10 Attorneys in California. We have heard of other Prison Consulting Companies that are run by ex-felons and they claim that they can get you the best result because you are talking to someone on the “inside”. When we hear this we always offer a simple example. Lets say someone is having a problem at the prison that they are in and need to be transferred. The warden of the prison gets a call from an ex-felon and gets a call from an attorney which call do you think that warden is going to return? It is absurd to think that someone without the political connections from the “inside” could that person the same sort of treatment that Trusted Prison Consultants could.

Another example would be writing a motion or reviewing a Pre-Sentence Report. Again, would you rather have a “jailhouse lawyer”, someone who is not a licensed attorney but learned in jail how to write motions, doing your work? Or would you rather have someone who has nationally recognized as one of the top attorneys in America. Protect yourself when doing this, find someone that you trust and protect your future. At Trusted Prison Consultants almost all the work we handle is criminal law related. Now we often get calls for civil work where, for example, an inmate has been hurt in prison and wants to have a lawsuit versus the jail or prison.

Call to Speak to a United States Prison Consultant

At Trusted Prison Consultants we offer free initial consultations for all of our potential clients. What that usually entails is getting the history of the case, evaluating possible options and then discussing what type of a retainer we will be requesting. At Trusted Prison Consultants we try to do it all. Our focus starts when a case is pending and can go beyond sentencing. Sometimes people have lawyers handling their case but also want an opinion from experts in the field. For example on a federal case, someone may want to know about the federal sentencing guidelines, the pre sentence report, or what should be argued to reduce the potential custody time. We are requested to consult with the client’s current attorney and offer a “second opinion” as well as give them the advice they need to get a successful result in the case.

If your goal is to purely just know how to survive in Prison then we have that part of the equation solved as well. In each of our agreements we provide a free 1-hour consultation with an individual who has spent a large amount of time in prison and knows exactly what to say and how to act. Our team of attorneys handpicked this person, in order to help individuals with the transition. Prison is a completely different lifestyle with customs, slang, tattoos, and just general ways to act that you would not know unless you have been in there before. We offer this service free of charge to help anyone who is anxious about their future or just have some questions that may be better answered by someone who has experienced this in the past.   Although Trusted Prison Consultants is a national company dealing with criminal defense issues, we also partner with attorneys in local areas to provide niche representation for certain cases. 

Hire Trusted Prison Consultants To Change Your Future

Everyone makes mistakes, and we understand that. A large amount of our business is what is considered “white color crimes” by someone who has no criminal record and someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We understand that this is your life and your future and it is our goal to do whatever we can to make your life easier and to make sure that we can answer any questions that you have about your future.

Don’t play games with your life, do your research and hire the people that have the trust and the connections in this business to do whatever they can to get the best result in your case. We are standing by and look forward to your call.